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Organ Research designs and manufactures machines and tools for the pipe organ building industry.  We also partner and consult to organbuilding firms needing answers to problems in  electronics, mechanical design, control systems, and physics.  

We have three axioms of design:

1.  The product must work flawlessly in a wide range of environments including voltage deviations, extreme temperatures, humidity, shock loads, etc.  Lots of equipment works well on sunny, dry, cool days; our products are designed to tolerate conditions most products cannot.  

2.  The design will be intrinsically reliable, that is, reliable by nature.  If the fundamental design is unreliable, adding design layers and corrective measures just adds complexity, not reliability.

3.  The product will be serviceable in situ by a competent organ technician.

Our team includes musicians, engineers and scientists; we believe that a multidisciplinary approach is best for creating "ultimate reliability" products. 

Historically, technology advancements applied to pipe organs have had mixed results.  In an industry whose product life cycle is measured in centuries, new science must be applied with extreme care and respect.  



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